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Economic Development Block / & EDA Grants

Affordable Housing - New Market Tax Credit

(NMTC) project funding

Business Commercial project developments

Accounting and CIP tracking System

evaluations (Balance Sheet, Liabilities)

Grants: Business Park Development

(California, Wisconsin, and Texas)

Parks and Recreation Grants, Park equipment grants. Forest Preservation and Trails creation.

Clean Water Act funds: Water,   Wastewater,

Stormwater programs.     

Community Development / Economic

Development Block Grants
-  Housing (Home)  / Redevelopment Agency
- 1st Time Home Owners

- Affordable Housing (NMTC)

- EDA - Economic Development

- $6.2 Million - NMTC- Walnut Street Flats

       Reedsburg, Wisconsin.



- $15 Million - Affordable Housing-NMTC Project.


Non-Government Organization (NGO) Projects

Applying for funding can be a daunting task. 

A simple fifteen minutes conservation can assist with focusing your financial needs.


We seek funding for your agency and create the initial applications may even provide online Grant training information through our members-only site.



 - $22 Million - Bible History Museum Inc. Branson MO. Foundation Grant Application.


 - Baraboo River - Planning Grant, Wisconsin.

 - Small Public Park - Conservation Grant, Wisconsin.



Grants, applications with the lead department/agency managing grants.

This same service is available on a contract basis.

Review funds drawdown and constructed A/R
Assist in establishing accounting Grant files - and review of general ledger balances.
Work Agency support letters. 


Working with Departments on specific grant writing to meet point qualifiers, deadlines, government accounting system.



Public Works / Engineering Projects

 - CDBG Funded - Roads/Streets

Public Transit: (WISDOT, FTA)

 Wisconsin Transit Funding

 - Apply for State and Federal Capital:

Heavy Bus, Para-Transit,  and  Operating Funds.

File reports on Black Cat - Drawdown on U.S.

Treasury. TDA Reporting.   

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